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The MMC club is the place for Miata enthusiasts to meet other people who enjoy their Miatas as much as we do. We like to go on great day, weekend and week long trips, enjoy getting together at new restaurants and ice cream shops!  Members get discounts on parts and service from sponsoring dealerships and service shops and we get together for monthly meetings and fun drives afterwards!


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COVID-19 Update


Massachusetts is in the early stages of reopening after months of COVID-19 restrictions.  Our club has had to postpone and cancel many of the planned events for the season including the popular Miatas at the Museum (MOT) event and the newly planned Heritage Museum event.  Happily, the state is beginning to lift some of the restrictions and the CDC and state are providing guidelines for activities including club events.

We are excited to report that a member has come forward and is willing to host a regular Zoom meeting for anyone interested!  Once we have one more experienced Zoom operator to co-host we’ll be establishing a kick off date!  Look for further notifications posted to the club website, our Facebook group and through email.  We look forward to seeing you at our events again soon and if you are interested in getting more involved in the organization fill out a Pit Crew Application at this link.  In the meantime, stay safe, stay connected and find a chance to steal away for a drive and enjoy your Miata!

Upcoming Events


March 2021

08:00:00 pm

March 15, 2021 MMC Monthly Zoom Meeting 8:00 P.M.

The March zoom meeting is scheduled for March 15, 2021 Watch your email for the link to join


March 2021

11:00:00 am

March 27,2021 Saturday Things you need to know

This zoom meeting will be to discuss the trip library that is available to all MMC members only. Talk about GPS tracking that will be available soon. Join in on ()


April 2021

08:00:00 am


April 2021

11:00:00 am


April 2021

08:00:00 pm

April 19, 2021 MMC Monthly Zoom Meeting 8:00 P.M.

The April zoom meeting is scheduled for April 19, 2021 Watch your email for the link to join

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Club News

Wishing you safe distant Holidays from John (President)

December 13th, 2020

Wishing you safe distant Holidays! Please enjoy the following video by the Phoenix Chamber Choir. Also, enjoy a couple of very nice holiday MP3s contributed by fellow club member Jesse Heines. ()

Electrify Your Miata – Part 2

November 28th, 2020

Zero EV has finally finished the prototype NB Miata with an electric conversion.  It is quite impressive that they have maintained a 50/50 weight balance and gained only about a ()

Ride to help a bride

September 5th, 2020

The bride’s wedding planner Angela Marie contacted our president to see if there was anyone in the club who had a red 1990 Miata in pristine condition. We were contacted ()

President’s Message – June 27th, 2020

June 27th, 2020

Dear Mass Miata Members, 2020 has brought with it unprecedented uncertainty and challenges. To date more than 124,000 families are mourning the loss of a loved one and the protection from that loss is as simple as washing your hands, staying 6 feet away from other people, keeping gatherings small based on current ()

Project Mazda Cares

May 8th, 2020

MX-5 Miata Clubs, We have an exciting opportunity for your members. The Mazda PR team is looking to collect stories that showcase what members of the Mazda community are doing ()

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