Electrify Your Miata – Part 2

Zero EV has finally finished the prototype NB Miata with an electric conversion.  It is quite impressive that they have maintained a 50/50 weight balance and gained only about a 80 kilos of weight as compared to the petrol version of the car.  Check out the videos below for the final result and a nice review by Jonny Smith!

Electric Mazda MX5 Miata Eunos EV Car Conversion – Complete!!!

EV swapped Mazda Miata MX5 // The Late Brake Show


One thought on "Electrify Your Miata – Part 2"

  1. Profile photo ofvailclin John Vaillancourt says:

    While not everyone wants an electrified MX-5 I’ve been following zero emissions energy development since the early 1980s. I think this demonstrates amazing execution of a concept that has been with us since the 1880s ! If the NE comes out as an EV or an EV option it will be my next MX-5, if not sending Stormy Blue Mica to Zero EV isn’t out of the question ! Stay safe!

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