Savagegeese – Mazda Miata Documentaries | EP2 1989 The First NA Miata

The Mazda Miata MX-5 has existed for over 30 years, in part 2 of the documentary series we look at the NA Miata, originally on sale in 1989 whose production ran for 10 years. We discuss the creation, the design and why it existed. While the US market was the primary buyer Mazda Motors of Japan worked for hand and hand with the American design studio to transform. Despite reviews and lust for modern affordable cars like the BRZ, Civic Type R, WRX, Golf, the Miata remains one of the few pure RWD sports cars for the common car lover.

This is an Independent Project Produced By Savagegeese

Sit back and enjoy the Series.

EP1: Why The Miata Exists
EP2: NA Miata – The Beginning
EP3: NB Miata – The Evolution
EP4: NC Miata – Change in Culture
EP5: ND Miata – Return to Form
EP6: Mazda Miata M Coupe – Only One on The Planet

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