June 2, 2019 TSD Rally

June 2, 2019 TSD Rally

Today we participated in the first Mass Miata TSD rally. We met at Home Depot in Oxford, M.A. and left at 2 minute intervals traveling by yourself and following the directions that were provided by Pam & Gov. Gov marshaled us out using a stop watch and he was dressed in a black and white referee shirt which fit the theme of the trip. Each of the three legs of the trip we had to follow the directions and time ourselves. Our goal was to drive as close to the speed limit as possible. My husband who likes to drive fast had a very tough time driving to a speed limit of 25 miles per hour. He used his cruise control a lot to keep from going to fast.  Our results were compared to a standard time that Gov determined in advance. The final leg at the trip was at the Blackdog Restaurant for a buffet lunch. All I can say is this was a very fun day and the food was delicious. Thanks to Gov and Pam for a very enjoyable day. Looking forward to his next trip.




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