Harvard Forest

June 18th, 2016

The trip was led by Ted Del Donno and S. Jane Arntz; there were 14 cars and 21 people.  The usual gang attended, but there were some new (to me) folks:   Thomas Dodge, Scottie Hastings, Jeff Newman, and Cindy and Chuck Hartwell.

We left Kimball’s at the not-crack-of-dawn hour of 9:30, driving through 11 towns in central mass, arriving at King Phillip Restaurant for a buffet lunch.  Then on to Harvard Forest in Petersham where in the museum we viewed dioramas that told the story of the trees/woods/forests from colonial times.  Many of us explored the outdoor trails.  The Bates’ took a different one and came across bear scat.  (for the rest of us our most exciting wildlife was quail slowly crossing in front of us on the road.

The most westerly we drove was for ice cream at Annie’s in Orange.

S. Jane Arntz

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