25th Anniversary Party

October 24th, 2015

It was a great night for the club to celebrate its 25th anniversary. A little chilly, but vibrant fall colors created a beautiful backdrop for the Wayside Inn Grist Mill photos. Everyone looked so nice all dressed up for the special evening.

After a round of photos, everyone hopped in their Miata’s for the short drive to the Wayside Inn. We had a whole room to ourselves. It was decorated nicely with autumn center pieces nicely crafted by a number of club members, a 25th anniversary banner, a nice picture collage from past club events and a running picture show on a monitor. We all settled into a place to sit and conversations between club members quickly filled the room.

Before dinner was served, Lester Seal, one of the co-founders of the club talked about how the club was established and grew. It was great hearing how, even in the early days, people were so enthusiastic about the Miata and how folks from different backgrounds came together to form the Mass Miata Club. Les Barton followed up with fond memories of how he was introduced to the club through a welcome card left on his Miata from fellow Miata enthusiasts and how that has led to many great adventures throughout the years with club members.

An excellent dinner was served and the night was concluded with an great show by comedian Steve Bjork.

It was great to see so many members of the club come to the event. It still amazes me how the Miata, just a small, simple car that is fun to drive, can pull so many different people together into a common group.

Special thanks to all the members who tirelessly worked to pull of the 25th anniversary event and make a great evening!

– Bill Burns

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