Bedrock Gardens

June 11th 2011

Celia’s Maiden Cruise

On one early morn’ from Seabrook rest
A trip began that was to be the best.
Though the weather was not perfect at all
We followed our captain and had a ball.

Meeting our Miata family promptly at nine
The smiles and laughs were all just sublime.
We lined up little fun cars , one by one
We all gave a cheer! Our journey had begun!

The long black river was calling our name,
Jumped in our cars off to seek fame
What hearty sailors we were and daring, too !
Without our hats what we would do?

A short trip on the boring old highways
And our cruise went to the lovely byways.
Windy and twisty roads and chatter on the CB
My hubby was working, so I had Janet with me.

The Bedrock Gardens were a sight to see.
The sculptures, the flowers, the views, and the friends
I could rave on forever but check out my pic
And I am sure they are will give you a kick.

The Holy Grail was our next stop,
Hey, Lyn was that fireplace hot ???
Hot coffee came quickly with a little libation
Warm the fingers and toes on our mini vacation.

Our meals were served by our lovely waiter
You all left a tip or she would be much later.
The ice cream, the ice cream, what creamy delight
I hope you all had some, could I have a bite ?

To our Fearless Captain Ceila, (what a doll !)
And her wonderful, kindly, First Mate Paul,
Many thanks for the trip and the fun and the day
Please do it again and we’ll all come to play.

Zooom Zooom…

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