Fall Foliage Run

October 17th, 2010

Well the day is finally here. John and Liz’s first ever Fall Foliage Miata Run.

Being our first we were a little anxious. We wanted everything to go well for our fellow members.

It was a cool, crisp, sunny morning Arrived at 8:00am to the Wal-Mart parking lot in Sturbridge. Driving too Sturbridge we were relieved that the previous days wind storm left us a few leaves for us to view.

The group of 17 cars rolled in. What hearty soles we have in our group to get up extra early for us so they could view Connecticut in the Fall Talking to members gave John and me a sense of relief. Everyone was so helpful. Especially the Brewers. Thanks Guys. We were glad to see some new members to join us. We hope they enjoy the day with us. At the end of the run they did say they’ll be back and join us for other events.

We all managed to get through downtown Southbridge before church let out. As we headed to Woodstock we got some great visas and pretty good color. The roads were good not to many traffic lights. We made our way thru Pomfret and Canterbury checking out the foliage. Even made good enough time to get to Foxwood’s for the Breakfast Buffet with time to spare. Most members opt for the buffet, now able to choose Breakfast or Lunch. Plenty of choices everyone seemed to be satisfied with their meals, going back for seconds. After lunch there was time to hit the Casinos for those that felt lucky.

At 1:00 we had a quick meeting and departed Foxwoods . We picked up some more good roads and more foliage en route to Eronk Hill Turkey farm for ice cream. It was a little tight parking our Miata’s keeping them out of harm’s way but we managed. Then joined the long lines for Ice cream. They even had pumpkin ice cream. Judy Austin was kind enough to make sure we had cookies with our ice cream. Thank you Judy. Conversations were heard about putting their “babies” away for the winter. Boo Hoo. Then it was time to depart for the ride home. We got a few more scenic roads in before we hit the busy town centers. Most of the members left us at the intersection at 395. At the end of the run John and I were happy that things went pretty well. John and I want to thank all the members for your support and camaraderie. We feel so pleased to be a part of a wonderful club with such caring people.

John & Liz LaRoche

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