Miata Day at the Museum of Transportation 2008

August 2, 2008

We had a record turnout for our annual fundraising event, with the proceeds again going to support the Dana Farber Cancer Fund. Eighty two Miatas of all years, levels of modification and detail were on display. The weather started out warm and sunny but gradually darkened, threatening showers. The showers managed to hold off until just after everyone left the event. The Nutmeg Miata Club form CT joined us after enjoying their own tour of a local brewery. A great time was had by all including members and guests from CT, MA, NH, & RI.

Peoples Choice Awards:

NA (1989-1997)
1st Place: Car #17, Lloyd Bain, Needham, MA, 1993 Black
2nd Place: Car #48, Bill Walker, Weymouth, MA, 1994 White
3rd Place: Car #30, Rick Besse, Onset, MA, 1996 Starlight Mica

NB (1999-2005)
1ST Place: Car #6, Rene St. Pierre, Coventry, RI, 2005 Black Cherry
2nd Place: Car #58, John Crowley, Dedham, MA, 2002 Titanium
3rd Place: Car #9, Scott Lelieure, Carver, MA, Titanuim

NC (2006-2008)
1st Place: Car #21, Jack Austin, Wilmington, MA, 2007 Highland Green
2nd Place: Car #56, Jon Weinberg, Marlborough, MA, 2006 Winning Blue
3rd Place: Car #11, Roger Frenette, Coventry, RI, 2006 Velocity Red

Individual Category Winners:
Best Engine: Car #17, Lloyd Bain, Needham, MA, 1993 Black
Best Interior: Car #17, Lloyd Bain, Needham, MA, 1993 Black
Best Paint: Car #6, Rene St. Pierre, Coventry, RI, 2005 Black Cherry
Best Race Miata: Car #35, Jerry Rigoli, Wayland, MA, Red Spec Miata
Best Wheels: Car #30, Rick Besse, Onset MA, 1996 Starlight Mica

President’s Award Winner:
Car #5, Paul Franchi, Natick, MA, 1991 British Racing Green

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