Amazing Miata Race

June 22nd, 2008

Hello to all Mass Miata members,

I was asked to write the trip report for the Amazing Miata Race that was last Sunday, June 22, 2008. Brenda and I were honored that Jim Gillis asked us to put this report together. As new members we were a bit apprehensive on how we would be accepted to your club. But just five minutes after arriving, all this went to the wayside. I must say that you all are wonderful folks and it was our pleasure to meet you.

SO, with that being said let’s get down to the TRIP REPORT!!!!!

As I sit here, with my Corona Lite with a Key Lime and a side of Souza Commemorative Tequila waiting for the rain to break and fire up the grill, I will give you our look back on Sunday’s Ride. Having grown up on the North shore, Brenda and I thought we might have a bit of an advantage on some of you. But that changed the minute we opened the envelope. The only advantage was that I knew most of the sights on the list. As for the Trivia, WE JUST BOUGHT OUR MIATA, I AM STILL TRYING TO FIND OUT ABOUT WHAT BUTTONS DO WHAT IN THE CAR, FORGET WHAT MODEL XYZ IN 1983 HAD TWO SPECIAL COLORS!!!!!!! So we lost that part…. So back to the road. We got to our first stop, the soldier monument. When we pulled up the guys in the metallic blue Miata arrived just before us. With a friendly wave we took the photo and went to the next stop, The Bed & Breakfast was the next stop. We got out and looked for the best shot for the photo I asked the people on the porch if I could take their picture for the race, I snapped the photo and we were on our way. As we pulled away I saw one of the guys in the Metallic Blue Miata on the porch taking photos with the same people I just shot???? The strange thing is,,,, WHAT IS WITH THE CHICKEN??????? Next stop was the paper house. Brenda and I were on our way. As we made our way to the Paper house we past some of the other members searching for the next stop. As we went by, the drivers in the other vehicles blast their horn or gave a wave. The first thing that Brenda and I noticed was the smiles that everyone had. This was the true meaning of a cruising. We found our next stop, jump out and I went to snap the next (winning photo). As I left the building, we left the donation and read the trivia question. We needed the date that the couple started building the facility. Well, we looked around for clues, Brenda found a spot with postcards. She grabbed a bunch, and the date of the build was on one of the postcards. Well we left another donation. At this point, we had the guys in the metallic blue Miata and another couple showing up at this stop. This is the point that I decided to get devious; I hid the cards under the basket that explained the history of the Paper House. OK, SOOO SHOOT ME!!!!!! OK, so my steaks are done. I will pick this up later. OK I’m back…. We left the paper house to find the patriotic bucket for the diapers. Well this is where it gets a bit nerve racking!!. We found the last clue at the Paper House and proceeded to the diaper bucket. This is where I lose it for a moment. As we drive away, I get to the end of the road and find that the bucket cannot be found. We double back and find that the other two drivers are having the same problem we are. I come upon a house that has balloons outside announcing the birth of a new baby girl… I stopped in front of the home and start to search for the bucket. Well as I told you all, the bucket is nowhere to be found. Well, just as I am jumping back into the car, a young lady comes down her driveway. I yell to her about the missing bucket for the diapers!!!!. She looks at Brenda and me as if we had two heads. I asked her again, DID YOU HAVE A BABY???? SHE SAYS YES! I ASK, WHERE IS THE BUCKET FOR THE DIAPERS!!!!! SHE SAYS, WHAT BUCKET????? I SAY, THE BUCKET FOR THE DIAPERS FROM THE MIATA RACE!!!!!!! SHE SAYS, MIATA RACE????? WHAT MIATA RACE!!!!!!!. I SAID, THE MIATA RACE THAT WE ARE TO LEAVE YOU SOME DIAPERS!!!!! SHE REPLIED, I DON’T HAVE A BUCKET!!!! I ASKED, WHEN DID YOU HAVE YOUR BABY!!!!!!????? SHE SAID, TWO WEEKS AGO. I SAID, TWO WEEKS AGO!!!!!! DAMN, MYLAR BALLOONS LAST A LONG TIME!!! Two houses up we found the damn bucket. Well we moved on to the next stops, took the photos and moved on. We cruised to the rest of the stops running around like kids in a candy store. Thatcher’s Island, lost in the fog, but fond memories of the Twin Lights from my childhood of weekends spent on the island with my family. My Father was good friends with the light keeper during the late 60’s. We would spend weekends at Thatcher’s during the summer. Off to Parker Street to the Coast Guard Base. Next stop Hammond Castle and off to Stage Fort Park where my family spent the last days of summer with the North shore Frogmen’s Scuba Clubs outing and remembering my Dad coming up with a twelve pound lobster from the depths. We finished up at the two memorials and the greasy pole and ended our day at Cape Ann Marina at the Gull. As Brenda and I sat back to relax for a bit, and listen to the tales of the day we found that most of the conversations revolved around the same basic topics. The Car, the Ride, the Enjoyment. Nobody cares if they won or lost. What made this a winning day were the memories, however so small or so grand, it is our escape for that one moment from reality. To lose ourselves in the moment, to show the passion of one ’s self for what most would call a hobby. What Brenda and I saw was a lifestyle. BRAVO!!! You changed our hobby to a lifestyle.

Oh, by the way. A members listing with names, rides and emails would be great, I don’t want to keep saying the guy in the metallic Blue Miata…

Drive safe.

Justice James A. Blanchard
Justice Of The Peace

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