Ride to help a bride

The bride’s wedding planner Angela Marie contacted our president to see if there was anyone in the club who had a red 1990 Miata in pristine condition. We were contacted but at the time did not accept the task, so John contacted our Miata guru Bob Baylis. Bob had a red Na on the lot for sale and agreed to do the photo shoot, but the car was sold before the wedding. We were again contacted and decided to do the photo shoot for the bride.

The story behind the little red car. The bride’s father use to race a white Na and bought a red Na for parts. He eventually fixed up the red Na and had it for 14 years before he sold it to his sister. The bride’s father had passed away before her wedding and she wanted to have pictures taken with the car as a memento.

On August 29, 2020 Bob & I drove our baby to Wolfeborough, NH for a 2 1/2 hour drive in the rain to help out the bride. By the time we arrived the rain had stopped and made for a nice day to have pictures taken.

It was a very emotional day for the bride, her sister, mother and for us because we made the bride so happy on her special day.

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