Project Mazda Cares

MX-5 Miata Clubs,

We have an exciting opportunity for your members. The Mazda PR team is looking to collect stories that showcase what members of the Mazda community are doing to promote health, safety and mindfulness in this moment of global uncertainty. We’re calling this project Mazda Cares and we hope to inspire our fans by highlighting what real people in the community are doing to uplift themselves and each other. The stories and interviews conducted will be used across our owned channels, including our social accounts and Inside Mazda.

We know that our MX-5 Miata clubs have some of the strongest, most community-minded individuals out there. Here are stories we’re looking to capture:

  • People who have organized or have joined grassroots community efforts to help those in need during this time (ex: running errands or delivering groceries to those who can’t get out, mask making, etc.)
  • Individuals who have developed clever hacks for dealing with the unique challenges that come from sheltering in place. (ex: finding new ways to connect with kids, discovering new hobbies, tricks for staying healthy and emotionally fit)
  • People who are part of larger community efforts (i.e. blood drives etc.) operating during this time
  • Miata drivers who are also essential workers, helping to keep vital parts of our economy, public health system and infrastructure up and running strong

If you know anyone like this, please email stories to We’ll review any submissions internally to find the best fits for the program, and then reach out to schedule some interviews. Always a bonus if you have photos of these individuals to share as well.

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