Happy 25th Anniversary to the Mazda Miata and the Mass Miata Club!

Thank you to all who were able to celebrate the Anniversary of both at the Longfellow Wayside Inn last October. The Mass Miata Club is one of 4 clubs in the country that began the same year as Mazda put our wonderful cars on the road. Mass Miata Club is very proud of both and had a wonderful dinner to celebrate.

This year we celebrate 25 years of:

  • driving fun.
  • exploring areas we would likely not have gone on our own.
  • weather friendly and sometimes not so weather friendly rides.
  • building lifelong friendships with wonderful like-minded people.
  • picnics
  • restaurants
  • ICE CREAM stops
  • Ladies’ Overnights
  • funny hats and costume runs
  • Sponsors supporting our club and members. We are very appreciative of this support.
    • Sidebar story: Years ago, Lee and I were on a solo run to Deal’s Gap when my first Miata started to run “funny” (my description of almost anything mechanical). We found Champion Mazda a dealership in Hanover PA and drove in 1/2 hour to closing time. We explained what was happening and where we were going. The “Miata” expert was getting ready to go home, but said he’d take a look. One of the fans that cools the engine was no longer working. This would have been a BIG problem in the heat and hills of Deal’s Gap. The wonderful mechanic stayed late to repair my car. While we were waiting for the repair to be completed, we were telling the Service Manager about our lone trip and the Mass Miata Club. When our bill arrived, we noticed that he gave us a 10% discount. You just have to love Mazda Miata people. Back to my list…
  • Reminiscing and hopefully 25 more years to enjoy all the above.

Now to be in the present and future 2016 year, please review the calendar months to view what is coming, be sure to set a reminder to contact the event planners in the time allotted. (I need to practice what I preach here).

Of course, there is always room for additional events. If you think of one, just contact our activities contact so it can be posted. Spontaneous trips are also welcome, again just send the information to our activities contact to post and send to the membership.

Please notice that our club is sporting a new 25 year logo for this year only.

With Heartfelt thanks to Mazda for producing and continuing to redesign our favorite car, our “Pit crew”, and all the members of the Mass Miata Club that make it run and so much fun,

Pat Tarantino

“All roads lead to somewhere, so if you feel lost, just keep driving” Donna Habnick, age 11

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