President’s Column – February 2015

Hello Fellow Miata Enthusiasts,

Winter may seem like an unusual time of year to write a letter for car enthusiasts, but all this snow makes us a LITTLE stir crazy. Try to find consolation by counting down the days to spring and knowing that the minutes of daylight get longer every day. Before we know it we will be driving around at 8 PM and it will still not be dark. Inspiration? Hope so.

Here in New England, we are thankful for each distraction that comes along during these seemingly endless ‘snow days’. Thanks to the New England Patriots for giving us, New England Patriots Fans, a season and Championship Game to remember. Go PATS…

The club has made some updates to the website functionality. We are now able to join or renew our membership online. I just renewed mine and it was very quick and very easy. Try it! Thanks to our webmaster and Membership staff for successful creating and testing.

Please be sure to watch the calendar for upcoming events as we have many scheduled and have signup deadlines. We purposely left room in our calendar for more events in each month. Remember that a long event doesn’t mean that a local drive cannot be planned as well. I would like to encourage new and seasoned members to continue to come up with trip ideas. These can be from an evening out, lunch or dinner, half day runs, full day runs, to longer trips. They do not need to be elaborate. Remember, if it of interest to you, it will probably be of interest to other members. If you have an idea and do not know how to begin send me an email.

There are three non-club events posted as well. These are sponsored by other clubs and have been sent to us as invitation to join. They are: June – Zoomin’ in TN (East TN), August – The Second Great Mtn. Climb (Proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project), and another in August – first Regional event sponsored by Underground Miata Club in Ottowa, CN.

I have been asked recently how a member could post items they may have for sale. Since we no longer have a newsletter, I would encourage people who have items for sale to go to our forum or facebook to post items.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. I am looking forward to a busy and fun-filled Miata Season. Coming soon! What does a silly old Groundhog know anyway? If we all think positive and dream of warm days and starlit nights, we can bring it on soon.

Pat Tarantino

“All roads lead to somewhere, so if you feel lost, just keep driving” Donna Habnick, age 11.

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